Great Tips for iTunes users!

Since most of the purchases on itunes apple USA store requiring customer to pay local TAX fee, you should consider find lowest tax region located in USA and change the address. In that way you will save a lot of money!

18 thoughts on “Great Tips for iTunes users!

  1. Be careful for FAKE iTunes available on Ebay ! Apple will shot down your account! If you do not want to loose your account and apps buy only legit cards from reputable sellers.
    Legit sellers do not sell below value , otherwise this is spacial promotional discount, time limited. You may save some money on ebay fake iTunes but after awhile your account will be suspended so you will loose “saved” money at the end anyway.

  2. Best way to do so by USA gift cards in best priced deal is well know website for scanned gift cards, which are the only proof of legit cards codes delivered that will not block your apple account even you are from outside US you can use it. If your reason is to watch movies then consider vudu movie credits which are 50% off currently on Netstrada website, this is relatively new product that is why very cheap!

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